About The Blunt Truth SC Task Force

Researching, Creating, and Disseminating educational materials on the impact of marijuana use. In 2014, the Behavioral Health Association Services (BHSA) of South Carolina, through its Prevention Services Committee, began studying the marijuana issue as more states were legalizing the substance. Adopting the tagline “The Blunt Truth”, the committee quickly evolved its study on legalization to understanding other relevant issues such as medical marijuana, recreational use, decriminalization, impact on youth, businesses, law enforcement, the faith community, etc. The committee soon expanded its membership including other organizations having similar interests in the study and the current and potential impact of marijuana use on South Carolina. The committee has developed educational documents, planned a summit for April, collected data, built a website and will be participating in social media activities in order to help South Carolinians become more educated on the issues thereby making informed decisions.

Vision Statement:
That the good people of South Carolina protect their children, families and communities by educating their fellow citizens about the harmful effects of marijuana and other drugs, and by preventing the negative social, economic, legal and medical consequences of drug normalization experienced by many other states.

Mission Statement:
The Mission of The Blunt Truth SC Task Force is to use current science and evidence based research to provide awareness on the impact of marijuana use in all of its forms.